Baraboo Bowmen
Est. 1976
Mission Statement:
To foster, expand,promote and perpetuate the sport of archery. To conduct a continuous educational program designed to aquaint the public and the archer with the use of the bow as a recreation and a weapon for the hunting of legal game. To foster and perpetuate a spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship among all archers.


Memberships run from Jan. 1st through Dec. 31st at a cost of $25 for an individual and $35 for a family. Family includes any related family member of the purchaser of the membership that lives in the same household as the purchaser. Memberships can be bought from any Board Member or by printing the membership form linked to this page, filling it out and mailing it to the address on the form. Membership cards will be mailed out the 1st of each month unless other arrangements are made. We are excited to announce that we will be offering Lifetime Memberships to the Baraboo Bowmen. A lifetime single membership will cost $350 and a Family Lifetime Membership will be $475.  



   Memberships allow you full access to the club grounds and the opportunity to shoot in leagues held by the club. You can also attend the Annual Banquet, which is usually held in late March or April. Enrollment into the Big Game Honor Roll, league awards, raffle prizes and good camaraderie are all part of the Annual Banquet. You also can attend our monthly meetings when you are a member. These are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. The May-October meetings are held at the Clubhouse and the November- April meetings are held at Monks of Baraboo.



   Members are encouraged to be involved in any activity that they are interested in. Although not required with a membership helping with club functions is a great way to meet other members, get involved with archery in your area and learn about other things happening in the archery and bow hunting world. Member participation would be greatly appreciated in course clean-up days, set up and takedown targets for leagues and tournaments, in the clubhouse during tournaments, moving stakes for leagues, being a scorekeeper for leagues, general maintenance, attending meetings, and even running for an officer position are all activities that help make our club a great organization. All members are expected to adhere to the Mission Statement of the Baraboo Bowmen. The Mission Statement can be found at the top of each page of the website.

Membership Application

     We have moved our winter meetings to Todd Greenwoods out on Cty. X. Todd has a wood working area that will be much quieter than the BBC where we normally have the meetings.
     We have secured Chasers for our Annual Banquet on 3/25/2017. It will be a pot luck dinner with some refreshments provided, so the same format as last year. A good time was had by all who attended last year so hopefully we will see a larger turnout this year.
     The Clubs grounds are being logged as I type this. Although it will make for a different look on the property hopefully it will allow us to make it a better fit for what we aim to be. A challenging bow course that allows realistic hunting shots, but to make it so the beginner hunting archer can progress into a safe, proficient, and confident hunting archer. We also want  too challenge the archer who is out to perfect there archery skills no matter how advanced you are. The Baraboo Bowmen think we have headed into that direction with the changes we made on our practice range last year. It is a long process that we hope will progress into a facility that can help all who enjoy bowhunting and archery.
   We have had some opportunities come our way to hopefully help our financial standings. As these progress we will keep you informed either at our meetings or through our website.
   Turkey season is fast approaching. If you hunt with a bow hopefully you are taking advantage of our indoor league or shooting somewhere convenient for yourself. 
   The clubhouse passcode will be changes for 2017, so get your membership up to date so you can utilize the facility when weather improves.

    Hope your having a great winter,
  Scott Silvers
  Secretary Baraboo Bowmen