Baraboo Bowmen
Est. 1976
Mission Statement:
To foster, expand,promote and perpetuate the sport of archery. To conduct a continuous educational program designed to aquaint the public and the archer with the use of the bow as a recreation and a weapon for the hunting of legal game. To foster and perpetuate a spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship among all archers.

The Baraboo Bowmen Club is located in the beautiful Baraboo Bluff Range on a heavily wooded 40-acre parcel. Our practice range consists of 4 field tip practice targets set at 20, 25, 30 and 40 yards. We also have 3 sand broadhead bunkers set at 20, 25 and 30 yards. Our practice range also incorporates a treestand; however, yardages are not defined from the stand.

Our 3-D course which is used for our member leagues and open tournaments features 28 various McKenzie animal targets and walks almost the entire 40 acre property. There are several rolling hills and a creek which runs through the property. Several small bridges have been set to make navigating the course easier.

Our broadhead course walks a slightly smaller circle inside the property and features 14 targets built specifically for broadhead shooting. Our course features Necedah style deer, bear and a turkey cardboard targets.


Justin Acheson
ph: 608-381-0934

Vice President:
Matt Sefkar
ph: 608-393-0311

Todd Greenwood
ph: 608-434-0991

Scott Silvers
ph: 608-356-7983

Marc Terry
Paul Gruner
Eric Kocovsky

Clubhouse built 2007

 Clubhouse view from range

 Field tip and broadhead range.